Introduction to ‘thesoulplay’

The day we realized that the life is too short to sit back and not do anything, we decided to change. But I guess the idea of working with your bestfriends was something more exciting than the change hypothesis. Anyways getting back to the story, one could say that the only thing common amongst us was the belief that the world is not just to adore but to explore. So it became the idea behind the creation of ‘thesoulplay’. We started with our blog with a hope that one day this change, this idea will become a part of a bigger picture and of course lead to our bigger dreams. Each one of us today is out there working like a human machine, boggled with mechanics of the society, polity and what not. We try hard everyday to deal with our situations, problems, heart breaks, failures and guess what all this hustle to find happiness, contentment and solace. But out of the mess each one of us learn to build our means and tools to find them. Similary for us the solace roots from exploration and discovery of the world around. Thus we are here to learn, connect and share what these tools and means have brought and would bring to us. Because above all what life can teach, no institution, no internet or no ‘other’ can. Thus, we have taken our very first steps towards this journey with a hope that you’ll enjoy the insights into our travel world.

Team: Aditya Bhardwaj, Rohit Sharma, Raveena Paul

Content writer: Raveena Paul




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