Swachh Diwali, is it…..?

Swachh Diwali, is it…………???

5 thoughts on “Swachh Diwali, is it…..?

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  1. I don’t think so became there is a pollution in all side,and people have crossed the limit of pollution. Even the HC has also ordered ,and band the blasting after 10 O’ clock but I think people living in urban areas are all Educated Donkeys. They didn’t stop As a result there is too much pollution in Environment..


  2. Our ideas of living better have to evolve, for our sake and the sake of the planet. To save the planet, people are saying you must use this kind of fuel, drive an electric car and all kinds of things. These are minor adjustments. If you really want an ecological transformation on the planet in this generation, you must turn the whole population into spiritual seekers. Mind it m not talking about believers you might got confused.

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